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Troubleshooting FAQs - MediaRECOVER PRO

Data recovery is not 100% guaranteed. First step to solve problems: Make sure that you download the latest version of the software. To get updates click here.
I can't register the software.
This is our #1 support issue. So if you have any problems at all please let us know...we are well prepared! Most problems occur with either not entering the code correctly or having data blocked by a firewall when trying to activate online.
If you purchased online you will receive an activation code like this: MED-pr4-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
The main cause of problems is having a hardware or software firewall block access to the program. You must have a clear connection for the program to access the Internet to properly activate. If you have any questions about how to allow access for this program consult your documentation or the product's technical support staff.
Open MediaRECOVER PRO where you will be presented with the End-User Terms and Conditions. Click "Next".
Click "Activate New Installation".
Click "Activate New License" and enter your activation code.
Finally enter your personal details and click "Next" to activate your software through the Internet. The activation process may take a few minutes depending on your Internet connection speed.
If you purchased the software at a retail store you will receive an activation code with a name/code combination or just a code; examples:
or like this:
To register click the "Enter Activation Code" under "?" - "About MediaRECOVER PRO"
Make sure to enter or copy and paste the username and code EXACTLY as written
How do I get started recovering my files?
1. Select Start -> Programs -> MediaRECOVER PRO -> MediaRECOVER PRO or click on the MediaRECOVER PRO icon on your desktop.
2. Select your Scan method:
Scan - looks for deleted files. FASTEST
Advanced Scan, Quick Scan - looks for formatted files or RAW data files. MEDIUM.
Advanced Scan, Deep Scan - looks for all files using a sector-by-sector scan. SLOW, but most thorough.
3. Select your drive and recovery method if under Advanced Scan. Under Advanced Scan you can choose either logical or physical drives. Choosing a physical drive is handy when the media is corrupted. Click Next.
4. Choose where you would like to save your files. Make sure to pick a seperate media source than the one you are recovering data from. Click Next.
5. Your Scan will start and search for your lost files. You can follow the progress by looking at the countdown timer or progress bar.
6. Once the Scan is complete you will be able to preview, look at file details and save.
7. Click Browse to look at your files. Click Home to finish.
My drive is not recognized
This may result from multiple things. Make sure that your USB card reader or USB connected camera have up-to-date drivers installed. Insert your media before you start MediaRECOVER. You may also hit "Refresh" under the Scan tabs to have the computer re-scan for drives.

The media card may be corrupt and not easily accessible by your computer. Symptoms include your computer or camera is asking to format your media card. There are two ways around this:
  1. Run the "Format Utility" included in MediaRECOVER. Under Tools, select Format. Make sure to chose FAT and Quick format.
  2. Go to the DOS PROMPT (or COMMAND PROMPT) for your Windows system. In XP it is found by going to Start - All Programs - Accessories - Command Prompt. Assuming the drive letter of the card in the reader is Z:, type in the following at the command prompt:


    ...and press enter. The writing of system files will take place. The systems will ask for a volume label, this is not necessary, hit enter to continue.

    If your are using windows 2000 or higher, you may get an error about using the /FS switch. In that case, you would type the following at the command prompt:


    ...and press enter. This is a similar process to the format above.

    After the format is complete close the DOS window. Your media card will now be recognized by your computer and camera. Finally rescan with MediaRECOVER to recover your lost files.
I get errors or the program lock up while using the "Preview" option
The preview windows uses up system resources, as a result MediaRECOVER may return errors or lock up. The quickest way to recover your files is with the preview option unchecked.
The program only recovered a portion of my lost files or it didn't recover a certain file type
There are many options offered for MediaRECOVER. Here are some steps that you can take to fine-tune a recovery for optimal results:

1. Make sure that you have the latest version of the software. Get the latest updates here.
2. Try ALL scan methods: "Scan", "Advanced Scan - Quick Scan" and "Advanced Scan - Deep Scan". Save each recovery to a different folder, to compare results.
3. Use the "Search" option to quickly look through thousands of files. You can search by type, file name or size.

My pictures are not fully recovered (lines, chopped images, squares, error drawing, preview but no full image, etc.)
Data recovery is never 100% guaranteed. Your media is most likely fragmented. This may indicate that your media has been used for a long period of time and has not been formatted or wiped during that time. Because data is laid out one sector at a time, old data may mix with new data in the recovery process. This may cause corruption of your recovered file(s). We recommend to try all Scan methods to maximize your recovery results. Please view this FAQ post for tips on Scan methods.
After recovery, there are no images found and no read errors
The data on your media may have been written over by a camera, computer, card reader or from shock/static electricity. Some cameras write over data during a delete/format. The camera will write 0's over every sector of data. This is the only way to truly delete your files. Make sure to try all Scan methods. Please view this FAQ post for tips on Scan methods.
I receive a large amount of card read errors during the recovery process
View the FAQ post "My Drive is Not Recognized"first. Attempt the following at your own risk of data loss. Your media is most likely corrupted. Run the Format utility first. If the Format utility is successful then you can try the Scan methods. If the Scan methods are unsuccessful your data may not be retrievable. You may also format the media in a camera or computer. If these options do not get your files back, you may also send the card into our recovery service. We will discount the service price by the cost of the software. More information can be found here.
What are the different scan methods - Scan, Advanced Scan - Quick Scan, Advanced Scan - Deep Scan?
MediaRECOVER PRO is capable of using four methods to recover your files:
Scan - looks for deleted files. FASTEST
Advanced Scan, Quick Scan - looks for formatted files or RAW data files. MEDIUM.
Advanced Scan, Deep Scan - looks for all files using a sector-by-sector scan. SLOW, but most thorough.
What are the tools Format Option and Wipe Option used for?
Format Option
The Format utility writes out a true, DOS-compatible file system to the card. No data is overwritten with new data. The Format utility helps when the camera/PC states that the card is "corrupt, not initialized or not mounting". Performing the Format and then using the Scan option again will normally get your files back. *Note that Formatting of your fixed drives is not allowed.

Wipe Option
The Wipe utility overwrites the entire card with zeros. The file system areas are also overwritten. In the case of corruption or a non-working card this allows the card to be recognized and formatted again. Use the Wipe utility to wipe old data off of the card. When the Wipe is finished, you will be prompted to Format the media in order to have a valid file system. *Note that Wiping of your fixed drives is not allowed.

IMPORTANT: Formatting and Wiping your media will erase ALL data from it. Use these options with great care!
I receive a "Stream Error" when running the software, what is a "Stream Error"?
A stream error occurs when your computer cannot access data from your USB connected camera fast enough. To get around this error, and have a better chance of recovery, you should purchase a card reader. Card readers can be purchased at any major elctronics store.
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